Criminal Investigations Division - Felony Crimes

The Criminal Investigations Division handles Felony Crimes and they are as follows: 

Auto Theft In auto theft detectives provides investigative follow-up for all thefts of motor vehicles, vessels, heavy equipment and any other felony larcenies.

Burglaries Detectives are responsible for investigating felony vandalism cases and the theft of items taken after an individual has unlawfully entered a person’s residence, business, vehicle or boat. After a uniformed Deputy has conducted a preliminary investigation, the case is assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division. Detectives review each case and pursue and/or find any leads that could likely lead to the arrest of a suspect or the recovery of the stolen property. Since the likelihood of recovering a victim’s property many times rests on the reporting of each item’s serial number, it is strongly recommended that this information be recorded and kept in a safe place should a theft occur. Please use our Personal Property Inventory Form to assist with the recording of these numbers.

Economic Crimes Economic Crimes pertaining to the offenses of fraud, embezzlement, identity theft and arson. Members of the Criminal Investigations Division are also assigned to a federal fraud task force sponsored by the US Secret Service. Detectives work closely with the State Attorney’s Office to determine if an offense is criminal or civil in nature. Investigators also work with members of the business community to assist other detectives in cases where financial data has been taken during another offense and used fraudulently. Since many of these offenses cross multiple jurisdictions, the Criminal Investigations Division members work cooperatively with other municipal, state and federal law enforcement investigators.

General Crimes All detective provides assistance to patrol officers by conducting felony custodial interrogations and interviewing victims or witnesses during non-business hours. These detectives also coordinate the response of specialized investigative resources during major crime scenes. Members of the unit also conduct follow-up investigation and contact potential witnesses, victims when they are inaccessibility during daytime hours.

Violent Crimes Violent Crimes charged with the investigation of all robbery offenses (the taking of property by force or the threat of force) as well as all aggravated assault/battery offenses which are not domestic in nature. The unit works closely with other local, state, and federal agencies to ensure that perpetrators of these type offenses receive the maximum penalties under the law.

Homicide Homicide investigations are the most serious incidents that affect the lives, health and welfare of the public. All suspicious and accidental deaths are investigated by the Criminal Investigations Division along with all suicides, homicides and any police officer involved shooting. The unit also investigates missing persons where foul play is suspected and batteries on law enforcement officers.

Detectives routinely assist other jurisdictions in death investigations when requested. The Cold Case Investigator reviews and locates leads on unsolved homicides, some dating back as far as 1955. Detectives are tasked with reviewing all cold case homicides and submitting items of evidence for analysis using advanced forensic technology. Detectives have achieved some success on cold cases.