Mail is delivered Monday through Friday except for legal holidays, inmates are allowed to receive regular sized letters and are allowed to receive pictures, however no envelopes or stamps may be mailed to the inmate they must be purchased from the commissary.  Inmates may not receive packages except for legal material.  Express mail requiring signatures will not be accepted.  There is no limit to the amount of mail an inmate can receive however; any excessive letters or pictures may be placed in the inmate’s property.  All mail incoming and outgoing is inspected for contraband and security issues.  Incoming mail is generally delivered to the inmate the same day that the jail receives it.  Incoming mail will be delivered to the inmate providing they are free from articles, words, drawings, pictures, or suggestions of hatred, violence, frontal nudity, jail safety and security compromises, or other issues which may jeopardize the legitimate penological interest of the jail facility.  All correspondence must be clearly addressed, must have a return address, no gang codes or markings will be accepted; incoming correspondence will be returned to sender, outgoing correspondence will be returned to the inmate, no drugs or other contraband may be enclosed in the mail, no obscene, provocative or suggestive pictures will be accepted, writing or pictures that tend to incite violence, riot, racism or threaten the security of the facility will not be accepted. 

                Contraband includes but is not limited to:

                Polaroid pictures with backing;

                Stationary, envelopes, or greeting cards;

                Pamphlets, paper clips, wire, staples, spiral bindings, pens or pencils;

                Food items, lottery tickets, musical items, balloons, jewelry, etc.

                Personal ID cards;

                Heavy crayon, ink drawings, glitter, foil, cloth or clothing material or leather;

                String, buttons, bows, ribbons and any similar items;

                Currency, money orders, or checks addressed to the inmate;

                Any other items determined to be inappropriate or unacceptable for safety or

                Security reasons.


Books must be mailed by the publishing company and must be paperback.  Books that are pornographic or pose a threat to the security and safety of the jail will not be accepted. 


A maximum of five (5) photographs may be mailed to the inmate at a time.  Photographs must adhere to the guidelines listed below which include but are not limited to:

                No Polaroid photographs

                No photos larger than 4x6

No photos or pictures that are pornographic, nude, suggestive, showing gangs, gang tattoos, or hand gestures (signs) are allowed.